2-Channel Series
This dual-channel LED driver adopts high-frequency switching constant current circuit to provide highly stable and efficient LED driving power. With up to 4096 levels of digital current adjusting capability, it is suitable for various LED lighting systems with different wattages. Precise constant current control ability can effectively extend the lifetime of the LED lightings.

The digital knob makes current adjusting easier and more convenient for the users. In the meantime, USB interface and dual-isolated communication design not only enhance the reliability and safety of the system but also simplify the system complexity effectively.

The functions such as LED abnormal detecting and full system monitoring, which includes temperature, output / input power and voltage, allow users to understand the load current of LED and surrounding conditions instantly. Furthermore, it provides sufficient system information to help users troubleshoot the problem immediately when abnormal occurs.
  • Product Features:
  • Digital knob and 7-segment display to adjust and indicate output current, two channels can be adjusted and stored data separately
  • Electrical isolation USB Interface, ultra-high speed strobe optical receiver
  • External input voltage : DC 24V(7A max)
  • Constant current output voltage : DC 1.5V~24V
  • High-current driving capacity : maximum 5000mA output current per channel
  • LED open-loop detection and short-circuit protection : automatically stop output current when no-load or short-circuit
  • Alarm and protection : abnormal input power alarm, system over-current alarm, system overheats alarm
  • LED decay & abnormal alarm function
  • External pulse switch control: provides periodic external trigger switch signal to synchronize LED strobe; the minimum width of LED output reaches to 10us; the maximum frequency of strobe input reaches to 100KHz
  • LED strobe output width adjustment mechanism: provide 30000us exposure width adjustment capability
  • With precise current adjustment resolution : digital knob provides 256 current adjusting levels, USB interface provides 4096 current adjusting levels
  • Each channel provides 256 sets of programmable and non-volatile LUT units to help users quickly correspond different currents and various brightness & characteristic of LED lights

Product Lineup Table

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
DCLD3-L DC24V DC1.5V~24V 250mA

※ Customized output voltage/current available

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