Structured Light Projector

Structured Light Projectors
  • Product Features:
  • Scheimpflug tilt adjustment compatible with C-mount lens
  • Light pattern can be customized according to the application
  • Higher LED power from 3W/5W/20W continuous to 150W strobe options

Product Lineup Table

Series Model Color Current / Power Interface Dimensions Diagrams
PJT PJTD-5     1.5A / 5W C mount 1
PJTA-5     1.5A / 5W C mount 2
PJTRS-20     Continuous : 4A/20W
Strobe : 10A/50W
C mount 3
PJTRS-150 (pulse)      Continuous : 8A/40W
Strobe : 30A/150W
C mount 4

Remarks : Only operated by constant current LED driver, and please pay attention to rated current

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