HICIR_High Power Ring Lights

Ring Lights
  • Product Features:
  • Ultra-high brightness and high directivity direct illumination
  • Patented module design provides stable and high uniformity illumination performance
  • High power LED and high efficient optical design, surpass the brightness of traditional ring lights by more than 20~100X
  • Patented product

Product Lineup Table

Series Model Color Current / Power No. of Channel Dimensions (mm) Diagrams
O.D. I.D. Angle


HILCIR-12073-35     Continuous: 1A/20W
Strobe: 4A/80W
1 120 73 35 1
HILCIR-13277-35     Continuous: 0.75A/13W
Strobe: 2A/35W
1 132 77 35 2


HICIR-11439-70-35     Continuous: 0.35A/22W
Strobe: 2A/120W
3 114 39 70/35 3
HICIR-16770-70-35     Continuous: 0.35A/36W
Strobe: 2A/200W
5 167 70 70/35 4

Remarks : Only operated by constant current LED driver, and please pay attention to rated current
Power (W) for Different Driver Mode
Maximum duty cycle in pulse drive mode:  <20%    @    Interval < 100ms
Model Color In continuous
drive mode
In pulse
drive mode
HILCIR-12073-35-W 20W 80W
HILCIR-13277-35-W 13W 35W
HICIR-11439-70-W 22W 120W
HICIR-16770-70-W 36W 200W

Model Guide


Dimensional Drawing

Illumination Structure