HICNS_High Power Diffused Ring Lights

Diffused Lights
  • Product Features:
  • Exclusive patent product
  • High power LED
  • Unique diffused light source design
  • High uniformity in surface illumination
  • Eliminate reflective light interference
  • Over 1M Lux.
  • HICNS in strobe overdrive can provide up to 60X illuminance

Product Lineup Table

Series Model Color Current / Power Dimensions (mm) Diagrams
O.D. I.D. Height


HICNS-68      0.32A/4.5W 85 22.5 20 1
HICNS-100     1A/11W 118 35 21 2

Remarks : Only operated by constant current LED driver, and please pay attention to rated current

Product Model



Product Appearance


Illumination distribution


Working distance