High Power Light Source Unit
This product adopts LED as lighting source, and brightness is enhanced with unique condensed technique. The average lifetime of LED usage is up to more than 30,000 hours, and more energy-efficient, compared with traditional Halogen light source. Also, compact design help user be handy in installation.
The Product, providing high stable and efficient power, adopts high-frequency switching constant current driver. It can effectively extend the life of LED light by accurate constant current. By operating the knob, it makes user be more convenient and easier to adjust the light, and provides current adjustment of 256-level; by using USB, it is up to the adjustment function of 4096-level current. Moreover, the dual isolated communication design enhances the reliability and safety of system communication to effectively simplify the system.
Users can trigger the input signal externally to achieve the effect of LED strobe. The maximum input frequency can reach to 30 KHZ. The built-in abnormal detection and complete system protection (temperature, power output, input and voltage, etc.) allows users to grasp the product status immediately and provides sufficient system information to help users quickly solve the problems when they occur.
  • Product Features:
  • Digital knob to adjust output current with 7-segment display indicator; channels can be adjusted and stored individually
  • USB interface for electrical isolation; ultra-high speed strobe optical receiver
  • External input voltage : AC100V~240V(2A max. )
  • LED open-loop detection and short-circuit protection:automatically stop output current when no-load or short-circuit
  • Alarm and protection:abnormal input power、system over-current、system overheats
  • LED decay & abnormal alarm function
  • External pulse switch control:provides external trigger switch signal to synchronize LED strobe; the minimum width of LED output reaches to 33us; the maximum frequency of strobe input reaches to 30KHz
  • Precision current adjustment resolution:digital knob provides 256 adjusting current levels, USB interface provides 4096 adjusting current levels
  • Each channel provides 256 sets of programmable and non-volatile LUT units to help users quickly correspond different currents and various brightness & characteristic of LED lights
  • High power LED and high efficiency optical structure to provide up to 2M Lux. in average (10mm diameter fiber is measured at 50mm)
  • The average lifetime of LED usage is up to more than 30,000 hours, the expendable cost of light-emitting component isn’t needed

Product Lineup Table

Series Model Name Color Input Voltage Max. Output Power
LSU LSU-160 W AC100V~240V 160W

※ Customized LED Power and wavelength available

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